Saturday, 14 March 2015

Still going...

We are still going, over the past few months we have loads of projects on the go. These are as follows;

1) EdzUp Framework - this is an EdzUp internal project that is not actually part of Graveyard Dogs but its also moving forwards over the last few months at a fair pace.

2) Star Rogue - this is also a EdzUp internal project being coded in Unity after several different prototypes coded in loads of different things ranging from Blitz3d to monkeyX finally being done using Unity 3d 5 :)

3) Unnamed project - this one is a early test project, im currently coding the AI section of the game this will be used for the ships and attack AI but it will allow the entire game to work correctly and help the entire game to move forwards to another complete Graveyard Dogs project.

Also Death is back, after being removed ages ago due to some problem with a glitch in the webpage this has been rectified and its now back on the website. Also we have put Tombstone back on the website as well.

More soon (hopefully)...

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Not much happening

Well on a personal note I have a working prototype of Star Rogue down ( rogue/star rogue.html ) this is a EdzUp internal project and has been moving steadily forwards. I also have EdzUp Engine 4 in the works as well this is also coming along very nicely and soon I will be moving all development over to that, on the whole its entirely coded in c++ and has been on the drawing board for years.

Graveyard Dogs unfortunately hasn't seen as much action, on the whole of it nothing has happened at all development wise. Yeah we have brainstormed some ideas and Emm has done a few texture but nothing like the glory days when we started this venture.

In all intents and purposes GD is kaput till we have the time to spend moving it forwards which at the moment none of us have.

EdzUp out...

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Android is a go

We finally have a way to get our games onto the android platform this means we have another avenue to release our games on and with the tools we have it is a exciting time for GD :-)

To put it in another way after sorting some simple SDK issues it took just thirty seconds to compile and install on me nexus 7 :-)

More soon...

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Long time no see :-)

Well loads has happened in the last few months, here's a brief rundown:

Firstly we had Xmas, glad that is out the way for another year Lol.

Secondly we had another prototyping phase this has netted us even more prototypes.

Thirdly we are looking at android for out next title this title is coming along nicely and will be a nice game to start another avenue and platform for us to delve into.

Fourthly (is that a word) I am still using unity but out android game is to developed with monkey this lightweight language is ideal for quick building of simple games :-) . I am also still heavily into looking at C++ and opengl mainly as its so portable for anything you could ever imagine more on that later though.

On a final note we are once again charging full on into dev mode I will be adding extra things into the games we are working on in the coming week and hopefully we can post some more about them.

More soon...

Friday, 12 October 2012

Things are getting more interesting :D...

Well initial tests were successful and after a few tweaks and noticing an annoying windows niggle (notepad doesnt recognise return characters) everything went ok :).

I have moved forwards to working on the texturing system as well so thing will also be adjusted for the new coding style and at the moment everything is moving fowards quite nicely. We have some other adjustments to make like the sound system and some others but if everything goes well I should be able to start putting the game together as early as next week.

Heres hoping as I want to get a product out there our last machination was Death which is a nice game, however I want to get more titles out there under the GD stable :)

More soon...


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Finally getting there...

Massed prototyping is coming to an end and we I now have the loverly task of porting the code I have for the prototype to Unity for massed release, after that is done I will then be polishing the entire thing and finalising everything for the final push to release.
We havent decided how everything actually gets released or how or what we want to release and when, just that we have a plan on where we go from here. Badlands prototype is looking mighty nice and once its been ported over then we can see what everyone comes up with.
Star Rogue on the other hand still needs some work in some areas and im busy putting the scripts together to allow for the whole thing to work together with everything else.
More soon..

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Long time no hear....

Yeah I know its been ages but there has been loads going on at the moment behind the scenes, there have been some small adjustments to the Death game which should stop campers (no more tents clogging up the arena ;) ).

I have also started work on Star Rogue this will be a massive game project and one that I love working on being a space nut, anything and everything to do with space has always appealed to me. Dont get me wrong in not a trekkie im more of a Babylon 5 person :D, the thought of a rough space where anything is possible and does happen is quite appealing. With ideas free flowing in my mind we intend to make this game like a completely freeform do what you like when you like kind of game which means if you attack someone people might come to their aid or they might join you looking for the spoils of the kill etc. Anything goes :D

Emm has also come up with some top secret ideas that if they bear fruit will allow us to make a series of games to release hopefully in a more rapid pace than we have been, I for one get quite stressed over the lack of 'published' works from the Graveyard Dogs stable dont get me wrong we have dozens of prototypes but only one actual game out at the moment so to speak and that is Death which was a quick to code quick to play blaster. Hopefully the years to come will see much more from the Graveyard Dogs stable in the shape of loads of things of all different sizes and playing styles.

More soon...