Sunday, 20 December 2009

Further progress

While Ed is optimizing some of the graphics to squeeze more performance out of everything, we are looking for ways to display speciall effects like flashlights and slime blotches against the screen :D
Also beeing playing a very early prototype of a new casual game we are developing, which works pretty well.
It might allow us to use our old Blitz3D pipeline to get stuff on the iPhone, now how cool is that :D
We figured that for starters we will look into what we already have as tools, instead of diving right away into Unity and co.
The pipeline from LightWave3D to Blitz is ok and we worked with that already, so we give it a try.
These are some shots of our sci-fi spacegame developed in Blitz3D several years ago.We still hope to get our own "space opera" out there some day :D

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