Monday, 1 March 2010

Getting high...

Handed over a major graphics update to my friend Ed, along with some gameplay ideas which I think might be cool :D, but usually, Ed comes up with something MUCH MORE cool.
Things are moving pretty nicely, now that we have a working prototype to play with and polish.This is the fun phase, where You add ideas, test em, throw em out or keep em...the really creative part.
After that its the usual routine of polishing, refining and hoping :) Not long and we will have another game out, and everybody will enjoy grilled chicken, mashed potatoes and some drinks...

Ed: Well now I have more graphics I will add them tomorrow and then see what happens the ideas we have bouncing around are amazing and will make the game all the more exciting, as we come up with an idea I formulate a plan on how to add it to the existing game framework normally this jumps straight out at me other times I have to think about it for a while.

In a gaming sense its best to get everything watertight before putting fingers to keyboard as coding with only half an idea is a definite way to get into a coding mess, I always get the whole idea down first on how to tackle something then backup my sound to key, SVN, CD, send to Emm (not in that order Emm gets the code first) THEN I try the code out and if all goes well I backup again if not I revert and try again. This can take some days to get right but its worth it as aptly demonstrated with iSmashem which went straight through the approval process :)

In a gaming front the games that will be coming from the Graveyard Dogs stable will hopefully be bug free (in the case of Windows/Mac this isnt always 100% possible with so many configurations etc), my philosophy is one that I kept from the ZX Spectrum 128 days a game is never releasable UNLESS ITS BUG FREE. With that in mind we test the game to death and fix everything that we come across, after all the best experience we can give the player the better nothing is more annoying than a error mid game.

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