Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Laying down the basics...

Well now that I am working my way through 3d land (I havent dabbled much in 3d behind the scenes coding preferred things like Blitz3d before) I am making some progress in several areas. Firstly coding in OpenGL is simplified quite nicely and hopefully this carries over to other platforms as the iPhone system seems quite straight forward (famous last words ;) ). Secondly I am laying down the primitives for basic creation so I have something to test the rest of the commands with (Basic shapes like, Plain, Sphere, Cube, Torus will be in there) and I want to be able to position them anywhere in 3d space and also rotate them to a given angle and point then at a certain X, Y, Z. Other commands will follow later on things like colour, texture, lighting but I want to get the basics in there first after all its no good running before learning to walk...

When the basics are in there I will post some screen shots so people can see how the whole thing is moving and what everyone can expect from Graveyard Dogs games in the future.

I have also been working on the translations for our other project and once they are in the other game we are working on I will add the front end language chooser so that we can see it all in action :).

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