Friday, 1 October 2010


Well I now have the most excellent image from Emm for the treasure items in the latest game from Graveyard Dogs, I am currently 'extracting' the coordinates from the atlas sheet so I can use them in Tombstone to grab the relevant images. I think I will write a utility to do this as it is quite time consuming but ultimately will save us some RAM in the long run :).

Ok now I have got all the coordinates from the image (man what a mission that was, next time I will write an app to do it), I have added them to our latest game. I have also made a small adjustment to Tombstone's SetSpriteUV command now with a simple True or False switch it can create the image on call rather than calling createSprite then SetSpriteUV. This may sound uninteresting but it will speed up the system a little and make the code look more complete.

More soon...

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