Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Cubes and Lightwave...

Well I have finally got around to adding CreateCube to the Tombstone commandset this allows us to create cubes on the fly, this can be helpful sometimes but im working on other sections of the system that will allow the other shapes.

We are also looking in to a Lightwave LWO loader that will be in the engine in the coming week or so, Tombstone already now recognises the header of the file so its easy to identify and its a case of coding the rest of the loader so I can load the model Emm has provided me with. After the model is loading correctly I will get a more complex model that I can then adjust the loader for then when thats loading in we can move to 'animated' models and make the whole loader complete. Originally I was intending to add a b3d loader as well this is going to be added to the mix AFTER the lwo loader is completed the only reason for this format to be in there is its a widely supported format and I can create meshes with Milkshape3d my editor of choice (Blender is a good cross platform editor BUT Milkshape has ease of use :) ).

Oh and I have also added per Entity back face culling that can be turned on or off as desired, this will allow for a LOAD of different effects that can be added and demonstrated at a later date, the command is similar to Blitz3d's EntityFX command as it seemed so perfect for the job. I still have to add the other states to the mix but they will be added later :).

More soon...

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