Wednesday, 5 January 2011

More stuff...

Well I have sort another small niggle that was annoying me when playing our game this has now been fixed :), the niggle well its simply the backing not showing on the main menu. Yes its a small thing BUT its got to be there as the game has to be perfect ;).

I have also done the buttons for the shop now so all I need to do now is get it all moving forwards and once the shop is in there we can move onto other bits (I have recovered from new year now so its onwards and upwards :) ).

Eds programming tip #1: NEVER I repeat NEVER code when you are tired, drunk or ill, the mistakes you will make when suffering from any of these problems will cause you hours if not days of searching to be honest it will be easier for you to 'wait' till you recover before coding :). Yes I have done the tired and ill bit so I know where im coming from :)

More soon...

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