Sunday, 8 May 2011

Heavy load

No, I am not talking about Ed's built, but about some future stuff we have in the pipepline.
Since we have this HUGE list of ideas, its sometimes difficult to find a roof for the games, and both Ed and I love to create universes, so we think that if we can create a brand which can be used in different genres, we can give Graveyard Dogs that special edge.
We started a space game years ago, and it went pretty well until I had to drop out of it for personal reasons (health, family, time), and we still treat it as the foundation of maybe something bigger.We both think that one of our game universes might deserve a MMO, and so its a whole new level to think of a game universe when designing instead of just a game.
So to avoid getting burned out with our current production, I decided to spend some time on designing and thinking about unifications and collected ideas.This is a WIP of one of our future characters.

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