Saturday, 25 June 2011

Let there be light...

Well I have added Lighting to Tombstone this is just the basic OpenGL lights that come as part of the package, this is just to make the engine look more then a 2d blob engine where everything isnt that interesting or its flat shaded. Lights may not sound that important BUT they are they can make a flat looking engine have depth and something that does something loverly in the engine.

I do have information on doing shaders in a book I have but I dont want to jump ahead and run into problems so I will not be adding them till I have everything done for the basic engine once the engine is the same spec as something like minib3d or warners engine then I will look towards shaders and add them to the engine to finalise the lighting system and give it realtime shadows as well.

Edit: Well leading on from lighting quite nicely I have to work out the normals of each triangle in the entity this is really interesting stuff and I have always wondered about things like this, once I have it all together I will put a nice piccy of it :)

More soon...

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