Sunday, 25 September 2011

Light, here there everywhere...

Over the weekend I have been coding the realtime lighting system for Graveyard Dogs creations and up coming game JJ:TOTA the main idea behind the system is we can have a infinite number of coloured lights in any game we do that we can use in any way we want to so far this system has done us proud and it looks absolutely amazing in the game.

Whilst doing this lighting effect I have a new (or rather old seeing as I done it back in the day) of dark light, the simple premise is that if a light can brighten an area a dark light darkens it. This might not sound amazing but if you think of effects like portals from Chaos Engine and black holes in space games then you will see the amazing possibilities of having it as part of the system. When coding reusable stuff like this its always good to think outside the box and think of other uses that it could be used for this is one of those times.

Back in the day I used dark lights in a 3d game to remove sections of the area or make certain areas purposely dark this worked very well I could even do it with alpha for suitably weird effects. In my archive I still have the code to do this as it was part of an old engine I done for a test game called Hunted. Hunted itself will be reborn in the coming years after we have built up our games collection who knows when this will be released but it will see the light of day.

EDIT: Well on the JJ front I have fixed some more glitches, one was JJ was up the screen one pixel to many so I have moved him down. Darts are now flipped when travelling to the left and are placed correctly at shooting time. Also when JJ is shooting its no longer stopped by ladders, classically JJ also falls right off the screen now when killed by traps, monsters or anything thats dangerous :). Its little glitches like these that would tarnish the perfect game we are trying to create. I have also adjusted the position of the backing effect of the Egypt level its no longer coming out of the backgrounds nose but from its mouth as was originally intended. Peru now has the background in it and the trap sprites are now captured correctly. Game play wise the game is smoother now with the new lighting system than when the old one was in there and personally I think it looks much better. I have also added dark lights(tm) to the engine so now I can suck the light out of the level as well as put it in and it will suck the light from lights around it so red lights will fade down the nearer to the dark light it gets.

More soon...

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