Thursday, 17 November 2011

Art development: Two books

Since I buy educational books from time to time, here are two I recently purchased, and my short, biased opinion on them:

Game Art Complete

This one is very superficial when it comes to zBrush, it covers barely the basics . The modeling parts for 3DS Max and Maya, as well as the texturing parts with Photoshop are decent.The game model created is very good, and the process involved is explained thoroughly. Included are anatomical explainations, photography, retouching, modelling, concept art, character design.

Realistic Game Characters

This one is a brilliant zBrush learning ressource.Explained are the brushes, the modelling process, in depth anatomical details, how to create a model for a next gen game engine and how to create textures. Very well explained, includes a DVD and is from a Pixologic insider.Very good !

Ed: Yes its me again ;). This time I have completed the packing system and its fast. In comparison the old system I was using took twenty seconds to pack five images which to me was incredibly inefficient so I rewrote the entire section of the code now for five images it took twelve milliseconds (yes twelve milliseconds) so we now have a MAJOR speed increase. I will now add this to the reservoir system of the editor that will allow us to create anything imaginable and use the editor with much more ease.

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