Sunday, 12 February 2012

Size isnt everything...

Well I still have to test cut/copy and paste to test but they are in there, the reason for this post is quite significant.

*drum roll please* ;)

We can now resize levels to anything we want from 1by1 (not that you would want a level like that) upto anything the computers memory can be, also we can make the levels for instance 2048 by 22 for side scrolling space shooter games.

DyEd is really shaping up nicely and these little tweaks will allow us to do things we want in the future its always good to plan ahead so the tools you have will stand the test of time and not have to be recoded in the future.

EDIT: After some major reworking I can now Cut/Copy and Paste sections of any size to any place on the level, this allows us to replicate sections of the map really easily and quickly. Now all thats needed to work on is the tile offsets and DyEd will be feature complete for version 1.0 :)

More soon...

1 comment:

  1. Thats excellent, because that way we can pre-fab large structures and just copy-->paste them as one to the playfield :D
    Makes it less of a puzzle game in itself to build the levels....