Friday, 2 March 2012

Creating worlds...

Yep we are creating worlds, once byte and one pixel at a time.

I have finally merged the new generation code into the Leviathan engine and walking around the levels is quite 'sinister' the game itself is quite dark and it suits it perfectly. One thing that has come up which I was rather putting off is the wall generator this now has to be coded as the new levels are more 'complete' than the previous ones :).

EDIT:Well I have sorted the torch system 'to a fashion' its not how I want it but it works 90% of the time, I do have code though that I will add in its place that will make the whole system MUCH faster than it originally is now. I have a little refining to do on it but after thats all complete which should be sunday at the latest then I will merge that code with the main game and then move forwards with checking everything and getting the new lighting code in there.

One thing to remember about writing games is snazzy effects look loverly and are brilliant BUT if they cost you rendering frames they arent worth it, for example imagine a brilliantly modelled scene with absolutely pixel perfect graphics but it runs at one frame a second, doesnt make a good game does it. On the other hand look a a simpler scene looks ok good playability but runs at sixty frames a second, BIG difference. Unfortunately loads of games these days seem to have 'ignored' that one and allow lag in places which in my opinion ruins a game.

Well once more unto the breach dear friends...

More soon...

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