Monday, 9 July 2012

More Death than ever...

Well releasing the game isnt the end of it, we have been secretly updating it over the last few days but more exciting updates are on their way these may change the whole experience for the better.

Some of the things that have been added so far are:
1) Drop gold - you can now collect gold for score (this will be changing soon so dont get used to it ;) )
2) Variable enemies - these monsters slowly get faster and faster so you cant just 'sit there' shooting them forever
3) Moving directly at the player - they used to move more like robotron now they are more 'upto date' in their movement.
4) Death skull - this end of game visage is the brain child of out brilliant (if rather twisted) artist Emm :)

However we arent stopping there we have loads to add to make the game more challenging and fun to play, things like:
1) rotating bullets so it looks even more spectacular.
2) Power ups - these are coming soon once we have them implemented the game will never be the same again
3) Enemy bullets - You thought you would be the only one to shoot, this will keep you moving ;)
4) More high score stuff - this is planned but is a WIP.

More soon...

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