Thursday, 2 August 2012

Ludicrous progress...

Well things have been quite hectic over the last couple of weeks firstly I have coded a basic texture system for our Unity projects, this may sound simple but doing it within the confines of a scripting system is quite a learning experience. Also on the Unity front I have also cobbled together a file handling system so I can do BlitzMax like file access without having to worry about everything that is going on or learning other things to get something to load, the whole thing is still Unity friendly so thats a bonus :D

Last week we released a new version of Death this has some minor improvements over the old versions, there is still a long way to go before its a marketable product but on the whole the game is slowly getting there.

I have also a series of other projects on the go as well these are mainly prototypes and design ideas for other games that we could do but some will hopefully bear fruit, one thing I have learned over the years is never code just one game doing that will give you brain lock when you get to a critical moment. Brain lock is when you cannot for nothing remember what your supposed to be doing next, in this case I jot down a note as to what I was coding and where I got to then look at one of my other projects, once it comes to me I come back to it or update the note. This way everything I do stays fresh and keeps everything upto date, getting everything going in the confines of Unity is a complete alien world to me im used to the freedom that C++ brings where the only constraint is the memory you have or the speed of the processor, to be limited by the whole scripting system seems a little odd but its getting there slowly.

More soon....

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