Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Long time no hear....

Yeah I know its been ages but there has been loads going on at the moment behind the scenes, there have been some small adjustments to the Death game which should stop campers (no more tents clogging up the arena ;) ).

I have also started work on Star Rogue this will be a massive game project and one that I love working on being a space nut, anything and everything to do with space has always appealed to me. Dont get me wrong in not a trekkie im more of a Babylon 5 person :D, the thought of a rough space where anything is possible and does happen is quite appealing. With ideas free flowing in my mind we intend to make this game like a completely freeform do what you like when you like kind of game which means if you attack someone people might come to their aid or they might join you looking for the spoils of the kill etc. Anything goes :D

Emm has also come up with some top secret ideas that if they bear fruit will allow us to make a series of games to release hopefully in a more rapid pace than we have been, I for one get quite stressed over the lack of 'published' works from the Graveyard Dogs stable dont get me wrong we have dozens of prototypes but only one actual game out at the moment so to speak and that is Death which was a quick to code quick to play blaster. Hopefully the years to come will see much more from the Graveyard Dogs stable in the shape of loads of things of all different sizes and playing styles.

More soon...

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