Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Not much happening

Well on a personal note I have a working prototype of Star Rogue down ( rogue/star rogue.html ) this is a EdzUp internal project and has been moving steadily forwards. I also have EdzUp Engine 4 in the works as well this is also coming along very nicely and soon I will be moving all development over to that, on the whole its entirely coded in c++ and has been on the drawing board for years.

Graveyard Dogs unfortunately hasn't seen as much action, on the whole of it nothing has happened at all development wise. Yeah we have brainstormed some ideas and Emm has done a few texture but nothing like the glory days when we started this venture.

In all intents and purposes GD is kaput till we have the time to spend moving it forwards which at the moment none of us have.

EdzUp out...

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