Saturday, 14 March 2015

Still going...

We are still going, over the past few months we have loads of projects on the go. These are as follows;

1) EdzUp Framework - this is an EdzUp internal project that is not actually part of Graveyard Dogs but its also moving forwards over the last few months at a fair pace.

2) Star Rogue - this is also a EdzUp internal project being coded in Unity after several different prototypes coded in loads of different things ranging from Blitz3d to monkeyX finally being done using Unity 3d 5 :)

3) Unnamed project - this one is a early test project, im currently coding the AI section of the game this will be used for the ships and attack AI but it will allow the entire game to work correctly and help the entire game to move forwards to another complete Graveyard Dogs project.

Also Death is back, after being removed ages ago due to some problem with a glitch in the webpage this has been rectified and its now back on the website. Also we have put Tombstone back on the website as well.

More soon (hopefully)...

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