Friday, 18 December 2009

Cracked it

Well after loads of searching and locating the coding segments I have changed the screen system to precache all the images that are then released afterwards. If this doesnt work I will cut the segments that require animating OUT of the background this will then allow me to put them into the game at the places they should be, hopefully it wont come to that BUT ive got it covered. Well after testing it seems that the iPhone/iPod has a wobbly with so many images in the background I can see the problem with them all loaded its 9.6Mb so I will have to carve them into segments so I can load only the bits that are animated so I can apply them to the game screen drastically cutting down the animated segments.

On the game front its looking MUCH more polished now that Emm is finalising all the graphics, I have fixed some of the errors with the spectator system so that Aetherios's and Vulgor's background items dont 'stop to spectate' :).

I concur that seeing the game on the iPod looks amazing and plays perfectly well with everything, I love the way the animations play when the characters use their preset animations it all looks very very polished :).

Next year will be a good year for Graveyard Dogs :)...

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