Monday, 15 February 2010

Background tasks are just as important...

Well I have been behind the graphics today working on the background code that does everything for our games, I have tightened up loads of code areas making it more faster and lean. Part of a programmers job is to once in a while step back and look at the functions they created and using new techniques recode them to be tighter and faster from thing they learned since writing it.

For me this is everything I love doing, I have make the render engine 15% faster (yes I measured it ;) ) this will mean we can have more things moving around the screen making our games just that bit more special. It may sound like something that only programmers would understand but when you all play a game and it runs from 30fps down to 10fps in a room that has just one small difference you can understand why we refine everything. What I want is 30fps at all times so the game never lets up in its enjoyment factor :).

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