Friday, 26 February 2010

Things are hotting up now :)

Well I have started breaking the code into segments so that a particular thing is done at a particular time, for instance if we are in the game playing it we dont need to know about the main menu. Basically everything is broken up into its component segments and then each part is run when required, things like main menu, title sequence, hi score table, options screen etc are all examples of bits that require the changes to make the game run more perfectly.

Also during the coding time I have also managed to add the 'Death' part to the game now the little character becomes a glorious bloodspat (poor soul) :). Once its all complete he wont be a splat at all times BUT will have a chance to save himself ;).

Graphically the game is really looking amazing thanks to Emm's constant artistic talent, without him it would be simple characters on screen. iSmashem Galactic's graphics are spot on and thats the sort of dedication we need for Graveyard Dogs :). Emm is a brilliant artist that always delivers what we need when we need it and im sure the both of us can together can deliver some truly amazing games :)

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