Friday, 5 February 2010

The way to Appstore

I just wanted to give some hints for people trying to get their product in the app store and have problems.

1.Read the PDF that guides You through the steps.Its actually quite good and covers most of the important steps.But remember it is not completely up-to-date, as it sometimes tells You to do things that are not on screen, like "Add Profile " when onscreen it says "New Profile", or "Choose File" instead of  "Upload File" or stuff like that.

2.Don't follow the video thats on the Development Portal site, as its outdated and will just irritate You.

3.Make sure all Your provisioning profiles are in place AND still valid.Even if Your remote working buddy uses an expired profile, RENEW it, just in case.Make sure Your are using the correct DISTRIBUTION Certificate, and have a DISTRIBUTION PROVISIONING PROFILE.

4.Use Codesign to verify Your BEFORE You try to upload it, thats faster and gives You less headache.Open the console, enter codesign -dvvvv or just codesign -dv and drag Your (not the *.zip) into the console window.This spits out either a good or bad result.No need to get that message in red from the Application Uploader :)

5.Make sure You build for DISTRIBUTION, not for SIMULATOR.

Hope that helps.Keep watching this site for more info in the future.

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  1. I've been going out of my mind trying to get my latest app submitted. I've already done every thing you mentioned here, plus more, SEVERAL TIMES and I still can't get it submitted.

    Thing is, I've done this before. I've already got two apps in the store, and I'm STILL having this much trouble. This has got to be the single most maddening processes I've ever had to deal with.

    Freakin app store.