Sunday, 4 April 2010

Not enough hours in the day :)

Well things are going full pelt here at Graveyard Dogs on top of other internal things I am currently coding the system that will allow 'atlas sprites', basically its compressing as many images as possible on to the sprite sheet and then having a system there to be able to use them as individual sprites on a set of sprites. This is simply done with the Tombstone's SetSpriteUV function basically it sets the sprites location to a particular x, y location with a set width and height this is then converted internally to specific UV's and that is then given to the sprite. When this is complete we will move into other areas then onto 3d land and the beginnings of the 3d side of things, then its onto the other platforms on our list and getting the engine to work on those too.

Oh and HAPPY EASTER everyone :D

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