Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Wading through the jungle...

Well after debugging everything (yes this takes ages) I have managed to cobble together a camera that uses the commands I have created to actually look like the same view that we had in a '2d' game we were working on, this may not sound like much but for someone that comes from entirely 2d games (ZX81 to Amiga 1200 etc) 3d stuff is a monumental task but one that I now gladly wade into :).

A huge monumental thanks goes to Emm for his inspirational shoves in the right direction I have tried to do 3d over the years but either the language wasnt there (before Direct X and OpenGL I had a wolfenstein engine but thats about it) or I didnt have the 3d knowledge. Now Emm has given me the inspiration to move forwards I have created a 2d OpenGL engine AND have started the 3d engine that will enable us to have loverly 3d worlds to play in also its not restricted by Apple's hacks in the dark (aka removal of Flash). Once again THANKS EMM :).

What I need to do now is get camera rotation working sort out some bugs with the game were working on (not really required as its 2d but im using a 3d camera as a test) and then create the Tombstone demonstration system, who knows this time next year we could make the first million :).

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