Saturday, 5 June 2010

I love small apps...

Well Emm had an idea for a brilliant little app that would be very useful and after a short discussion on the app and how it would work he sent me some artwork for it and then left me to me own devices....

Two hours later I sent him the working app...

Today I sent the complete app and after the provision profile is done we can test on device and if all goes well submit it to apple for adding. I suppose this is why Emm chose me to setup Graveyard Dogs with him as the ideas he has I can visualise and then think out the code quickly, he sometimes doesnt think im human but more machine LOL :).

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  1. Yeah, I mean *two hours*, I know quite a lot of coders, but Ed is really out of this world.I mean it took him like 6 months to start to fly with Mac, iPhone, iPo, iPad, and within that timeframe we released like 2 games and one utility, got into OpenGL coding, our next game is pretty much through, plus we have already editors, 3D support etc.
    He is just great, and he is also a great person witha great sense of humour and a great heart.Oh, and a lot of patience with a poor pixel pusher like me ;)