Saturday, 19 June 2010

That motion thing... that Ed had such great success with using motion controls for our latest app, we are investigating the use of them in our next game...looking forward to how that feels and plays :)

Ed: well things are looking quite nice on all fronts at the moment, im adding the accelermeter to our latest machination which is looking real nice :). What with Emm's graphics and my code Graveyard Dogs is starting to really take shape :). Yes I know that I use a lot of smilies but its a great time for us to be doing this. Tombstone is also coming along I am now adding a LWO loader to the mix (this will help with Emm's excellent graphics and creations) :). Well back to the keyboard ( *in best igor voice*: no Emm there is no need for the branding iron im coding mustar).

Damn (puts away extra large branding iron in form of "owned by GD").No fun with this man.
Anyway, lwo loader will us make awesome (tm), I even had a dream last night walking through our RPG in realtime...that was awesome (tm)...

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