Friday, 9 July 2010

A change for the best...

Well after starting our latest game we hit several snags all of which I have overcome (after all thats a programmers job :) ), these are as follows:
Maze generation - this may sound complex but its simpler than it seems there are loads of tutorials on the internet that describes the system to do the generation however most of them generate mazes that would do for a game like Nonterrageous what we wanted was something different so I had to write my own system for the game. This is now complete and it only takes 1.17 seconds to generate a 128 by 128 maze this is before refinement.

Sprites - there was a problem with this system it was first decided (by myself in the wee small hours) to have textures loaded and then creating sprites from textures, this isnt practical for the engine we require so this has been changed from:MySprite.CreateSprite( texture ) to MySprite.LoadSprite( "MySprite.png" ); the new system LOADS the texture and creates a sprite from it.

As the system now works correctly I can move into getting the whole game engine on the go :)

More soon...

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