Saturday, 24 July 2010

R.I.P. Satanic Dreams

During my adventures coding (and since 1997 when the internet really took off with HTML etc) I have had a website ( this was my own personal space (now it redirects to a 000webhost site as that offers php etc), why am I telling you this:

Well yesterday was the last day that was in internet land, the time ran out of the site and it was torn down. For those not knowing who satanic dreams were they released some demos and a game Jazznic into the Amiga scene Ashley Scott also worked on SCALOS for Amiga systems. I was working on Elite Multiplayer with then but now Satanic Dreams have pegged it I will be moving Elite Multiplayer over to Graveyard Dogs and hopefully get it completed one day (been working on it since 2001 and its getting there but time is slowed till I find something that can visualise the whole concept) I do believe that with Tombstone we can bring the idea to life.

Tombstone being our own internal engine it will allow me to tweak anything that im not happy with and update it when new hardware is released, it will also be lightning fast as it will be C++ and not converted to C++. Elite Multiplayer was going to be written in Blitz3d this is really fast BUT is Win32 only I always intended to release it on LOADS of platforms then in 2003 BlitzMax was hinted at as a cross platform Blitz3d so I waited then it came to us in 2005 and it was 2d only (I didnt have much knowledge of OpenGL at the time or had the patience to write it) so I waited for the promised 3d module (this never happened) so I used Minib3d with good results BUT it does seem to have problems with some machines so I will have to look into the engine further and code it in my spare time (most of my time is real-life stuff and GD stuff :) ).

Well lets all raise a glass and bid a fond farewell to Satanic Dreams, we will miss you old friend. Ash dont be a stranger :)

RIP Satanic Dreams...

EDIT: I am also looking into OpenAL for all sound in our next games as AVAudioPlayer is iPhone specific and I dont want to recode everything for every platform out there, ALL platforms we are aiming for have OpenGL and OpenAL available so it will make it easier to have it coded for iPhone too.

Emme: Here's to Satanic Dreams and that its spirit shall live on !

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