Tuesday, 13 July 2010

taking notes...

Well I have once again added the CreateSprite( texture ); command I removed it because it was thought to be redundant but now I have added it back because its a very useful command :), the command itself just creates a sprite from a texture simple enough. The magic comes from the fact it only uses one texture so I could have 100,000 sprites using the same texture :).

As the title says 'Taking notes...' mainly because I have remarks in all my functions with what they do but not for what they are for, this now seems like a good idea so I have started adding those :). Its always a good idea to take a note of what the whole engine does right down to individual commands this will show up any 'duplicates' (commands that do exactly the same as something else) that can be 'removed' or wrapped (if the command is required then just wrap it in a function that calls the other function that does the same thing).

Game wise we are moving forwards and the new game looks amazing I cant wait to play it now and once the initial is complete we can really move to get things going :).

More soon...

Emme: Yeah, Ed is getting old, so he has to take notes of everything...seriously, stuff is getting more complex and multiplatform, I guess that makes it a good habit to document as much as possible.I do that, too, my brains are like swiss cheese.
Just saw the latest build, and its advancing at the speed of light.

Ed:Ya cheeky whippersnapper, yeah going multiplatform is a headache all the initialisers are getting in place and once thats done its onto the rendering of everything. At the moment it does some of the NeHe tuts perfectly across all platforms without the need to recode. On the latest build everything is advancing at an alarming rate we will soon be building across the board and wondering what all the fuss was about ROFL :)

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