Sunday, 15 August 2010

Its coming together finally...

Well now the monster is in there and 'alive', I have got around to adding the lives to the game system. Now they are also in there the monsters can now attack the player and this removes one of the lives. Once they have run out then its 'GAME OVER', the game as a whole is coming together really nice.

The whole game is looking quite nice and as the game is going to be a really nice looking thing, once the game is out there then everybody can see it. There are a few things I have to add before everything is 'getting there' one of them is the way of completing a level, another is the main menu system. Once they all are in the game then I can finally say its coming together and its nearing the half way mark.

More soon...

Emm:Yeah, and hopefully I am done soon with moving, too, this takes much longer than exspected :(

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