Sunday, 5 September 2010

Achievements, and completions...

Well now I have begin adding the achievements to the game and the bits that will allow us to complete the levels and move onto the next one. Achievements are simply a record of how well your doing in the game and how much you collect whilst playing, this will be stored in the final game with the app. I love the steam achievements they really make you want to move forwards into the game and get further and further.

This game will be the first of loads planned that will use Tombstone, all future games will use it and to be honest if you want to write games on the iPod or iPhone you definitely need to write a OpenGL ES engine as using Apple UI (which is more like Windows GUI) is not suitable for fast action games it would be ok for single image turn based games (not Civilisation etc) but OpenGL is the way to go :).

EDIT: Well I have added the basic achievements into the game engine now all I need to do is add the specific ones for different things that happen throughout the game.

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