Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Portals and things...

As you can see I have been looking into ways of getting the portal to look right for our upcoming title, at the moment it doesnt look too bad and I think I will use this one as a place holder for now so I can move onto the coding the level completion part of the game engine. I also have to sort some of the traps out too.

Once that is done I can get the main menu in there and then move onto completing other bits too.

I still want to complete the OpenAL engine section so we dont have to rely on Apple anymore for sound systems once I get that complete I will feel I am in a better place to make that cross platform. I also will look at libPNG and get texture loading complete on OSX, Linux and Win32 then we maybe able to do a universal release one day maybe a few apps down the line :).

I have also changed the completion dialog from 'LEVEL COMPLETE' to 'EXIT OPEN' now all we need is a voice sample (no not the one from Chaos Engine although that does have a nice ring to it ;) ). When the player reaches the exit portal it will say 'LEVEL COMPLETE' now and then I can move to getting the whole level change stuff done so me and Emm can play to our hearts content (but not too much as we have to complete it :) ).

I am really happy with the way Tombstone is going, its gone from a simple rendering system which was a pig to use (yes I will admit that) to something that feels really polished and more like other languages like BlitzMax or Blitz3d. Being a C++ engine also gives it a boost as I feel its more portable to other platforms now than when I was using other engines to get my games out there, dont get me wrong BlitzMax, Blitz3d, Dark Basic Professional and Dark Basic Classic will still hold a place in my coding arsenal but these languages have their uses and faults. One fault being that you have to wait for updates to fix problems, writing my own engine means I can fix anything right away.

More soon...

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