Monday, 11 October 2010

Onwards and upwards...

Well not the basics are the for the game engine I am once again rounding off all the loose ends, one being the incomplete OpenAL implementation on the iPhone Tombstone section. This isnt a major issue as I have TAppleSound to fall back on but for cross platform completion I intend on completing the TSound module so the TAppleSound can be retired.

On the whole the entire system is coming together amazingly well and the games we are working on are looking really polished under the new engine, once this one is completed and working 100% we can finally move onto the next one in our collection. I may even get around to 'rewriting' iSmashem Galactic using the new engine as the last game was written as a learning curve to learn the iPhone SDK and iPod/iPhone limitations and now thats out the way we can move forwards :).

EDIT: Well I have fleshed out the functions in OpenAL to Load a sound from the App bundle (caf format), play the sound, stop the sound and free the sound. These are untested as yet but I will be testing them over the coming days and finalising that section of the code, the upside of the code is that most of it is cross platform already and once the loaders are in for the other formats (wav and ogg) then we should be able to move ahead with more porting :)

EDIT2: After mass testing (and head scratching) I have got the whole thing to work now so we have OpenAL sound in Tombstone now. On the whole the entire thing is in two classes one is TombstoneSound and TSound, TombstoneSound is for initialisation and shutting down and TSound is for loading and playing of all sounds etc. Now that thats done another segment in the engine is completed.

More soon...

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