Friday, 5 November 2010

Graphics, loverly graphics :)

Well I am now adding the graphics that Emm has sent over, this has taken a little longer to get started on since I added the weather system that we want for some of the areas. At the moment I have added the background to the game engine for another of the levels and once I Atlas the other segments I have I can then add even more of the levels to the game engine.

Another thing thats loverly in XCode is 'groups' this might not sound amazing BUT it allows you to keep track of everything and make it all neat for example the graphics in the game are stored in their own groups making the whole thing more neat. Once I add more graphics to the game engine then I will move forwards and allow the other sections to appear in the game engine I will also make the tutorial level more complete by adding the item required to complete it this will make that section done. I will also code the system that adds the 'required mission item' to the levels (all this once the extra graphics are in there :) ).

More soon...

Emm: Wow, hear, hear, did Ed really have something NICE to say about Xcode :) Quick, I need to mark this on my calendar...;)

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