Monday, 17 January 2011

Lightwave getting there...

Well I have almost completed the Lightwave LWO loader for Tombstone once this is complete and tested then we will be able to load and play with Lightwave LWO static models. After this I will need to look into Lightwave scene files LWS this will allow us to animate meshes and other things. In Tombstone the loader converts all the data into Tombstone relevant code so I can still colour and texture as if it was an internal object the main reason for this is simple, we need to be able to do anything with it if we cant then its rejected or I find another way to get the item into Tombstone.

I am also working on GDI files (Graveyard Dogs Image) this will be a new system for us to load textures and images into the Tombstone engine, I will also be writing a converter so Emm can whack out GDI files etc. On the whole the GDI system will allow me to make data packs of the images and media and also encrypt them to make our IP secure.

More soon...

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