Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Little P is in da house

Ed: Well I have added Little P into the game now, and after some small tweaks to the game I will then start the coding for the entire swarm system for the Piranha, as games go this one has thrown up LOADS of new challenges and experiences for us to learn from. With all these new challenges and extra sections of code being added to Tombstone and our games the engine itself is shaping up to be everything we need to get it all working, Emm has given me even more ideas for the engine as well and these will be implemented as the days go on once these are in there the whole engine will look amazing. On the engine front I want to add MS3d loading and Blitz3d loading to the mix over the next month or so (I want to get JJ upto speed first) MS3d is from an AMAZING editor package called Milkshape3d ( ) its a VERY REASONABLY PRICED 3d modeller and it can save in almost any format imaginable and loads in LOADS of formats to boot, it contains a material editor, mesh editor (vertices, triangle editing etc ) and a animator which is amazing and I cant praise it enough. Blitz3d (b3d) meshs are a reasonably supported format and loads of apps out there can save in b3d format it supports animations etc and is the main stay of the Blitz3d ( ) programming language.

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