Friday, 1 April 2011

Getting more done...

Well this week i have been tidying loose ends and getting things in order, now thats out the way i can move into the other areas of our games. One such game is a remake of Star Flight 2000 a game i wrote in darkbasic classic, this game had a huge galaxy for the player to do what they liked in. Unlike frontier etc the galaxy was teaming with people so you could trade, do acts of piracy etc. I had always intended to remake it and complete the game 100% as its a game when i look at it hours fly by :)

Other games we have on our list is JJ and badlands there are tons more :)

Well CreateSphere is almost there an I have changed some internals of the Tombstone Engine namely the GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE in the renderer is now GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT, this basically allows much more vertex points to be in a mesh, its no good limiting ourselves from the off due to a small oversight. The reason for the oversight is simply in C++ (back in the day circa 1990) a short was -127 to 127 and there was no such thing as byte so this is confusing to old timers like myself but now byte is 0 to 255 and short is 0 to 65535 so by changing this simple thing we can now have MUCH more detail on anything we add to our games.

More soon...

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