Sunday, 3 July 2011

Normalising normals....

Being a math illiterate I havent a clue how to calculate normals (yes my math is THAT bad), luckily there are loads of resources on how to calculate this correctly and efficiently. One such resource is Warners excellent engine thats on the blitz forum, yes this is a young engine by anybodys comparison BUT its easy to understand and a credit to Warner's vision of a excellent engine. Its his UpdateNormals code that I have borrowed and im going to recode it into Tombstone, there are loads of other sections of the engine that will be 'borrowed' as well one such thing is the Quaternion rotation and movement thats another excellent and easy to understand section of code :)

Once all these loverly things are in the engine we will be two BIG steps to completing the engine. A thing to learn from this is if your knowledge base isnt up to the standard required to do complex trigonometry then do a 'google' and locate something thats easy for you to understand this way you can move forwards slowly but surely to your goal and with the internet anybody can write a excellent engine with time and effort.

More soon...

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