Wednesday, 10 August 2011

9000+ visitors and counting...

Yep we finally reached 9000 visitors which isnt bad seeing as the blog isnt that old, well neither are we :). Graveyard Dogs started almost two years ago and in those two years we got a iPod game out there (iSmashem Galactic) and have several other games in the pipeline, also we have looked at several different programming system and tools and have discarded LOADS of tools in favour of a select few. Its been a hectic ride these last two years but I do feel that we are MUCH closer to where we want to be as a software developer.

As a little back story me and Emm go way back we met years ago when I was working on EMP, Emm offered to update everything to loverly high poly models though this offer was refused we stayed in contact and worked on another title called 'Fury Squadron' there are some pictures floating about the internet on that one. Sadly due to real-life reasons the project was shelved indefinately, a few years ago apart from the 'how are you' emails I fired off a email to emm asking if he wanted to finish Fury Squadron to this Emm said nah but wanted to make a different games and Emm game me a design plan of the game and I quickly had a working engine to develop the game he required. Our first game idea was a dungeon romp which has been paused in development whilst we look at other tools, the next one was a iPod game called 'iSmashem Galactic' this was completed and released a year ago. Our other titles are still in production and now we have the tools together I think we can get the games to the masses quicker and more efficiently.

On the tools front we have decided to go with Unity, not only is it cross platform but also allows for deployment on iPod, XBox360, PS3 and Wii (with special license) along side the OSX and Windows platforms. On the Tombstone front I am still very much interested in getting that working and once its to a suitable level I will look to making something with that for now though we are using Unity :)

I am currently working on getting a load of reusable scripts out so we can bolt together great games out of reusable scripts and get games out there fast and efficiently without having to reinvent the wheel everytime just change the tire :)

More soon on this and everything else...

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