Thursday, 25 August 2011

Even more progress...

Well things are going very well now we have the basics down for a brilliant and beautiful game, the language we have ended up on is BlitzMax this has enabled us to write fast tight code that we can reuse later on again and again.

On the game front JJ is playable now, we can move around and collect items in the game also manoeuvre around the levels I still need to make some small adjustments to the game to make it so the inaccessible areas are reachable once thats done then there will be nothing stopping us from moving ahead and making a game that will stand the test of time.

One brilliant problem that we encountered was the lighting issues these have now been sorted (for now) and look amazing I will upload a screen shot of the game once we get more into it as its still early days and some things in the game need more polish. To get the game to a complete state we want to have networking in there, two player one machine playability and some other sections like sound/music once thats all in there with the rest of the level design elements, code and sound then we can move it from alpha to beta :)

More soon...

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