Wednesday, 3 August 2011

UNITY, Unity, unity....

Well after some discussion we intend to create our first clutch of games using Unity, Emm has located options in the editor allowing us to go right back to DirectX 7 (shudder) and test it in there. Unity itself seems quite accomplished as engines go so moving forwards through the engine should be quite simple.

Unity is a very polished engine (it should be for $1500 for each platform ;) ) and making games using it should be quite simple and straightforward, once we get our first games out there we can do anything imaginable to make some really nice looking and decent stuff :)

Tombstone is still being worked on and we have managed to get a 60000 poly sphere working on a 1Ghz netbook running at 60fps so its getting there, I do want to move forwards with BlitzMax/C++ via this route though so there is some things there that will need looking at there as to which one suits us better.

As you can see from this Blog Emm is in full swing for our first Unity game, and at the moment I am still toying with Unity getting everything in place so we can get the game out as quickly as possible. There is loads of information online about Unity and its scripting so its just a case of getting it all into the game and making it the best we can with what we have available.

More soon...

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