Wednesday, 26 October 2011

10000 visitors and counting...

We have reached the 10,000 visitors mark :) (we must be doing something right :) )

On the JJ front I am working on a editor that we can use for everything and we will also be able to use it in the future for other projects as I want it to be modular, this basically means i will write segments of the editor as required and these will be tacked into the main editor for use. On the whole I am very pleased with the results so far and we should be able to edit levels by the end of the weekend. Once everything is in there we will have nothing stopping us from creating some fiendish puzzles and traps for the player to navigate.

The whole game is brilliant and its really starting to come together with this editor as well we can and will be able to do anything we want with it including writing RPG's which is a game style close to my heart, Star Rogue is also still very much in progress as StarFlight2000 is a game I really enjoyed making and want to rewrite using a cross platform 3d engine (yes even Linux ;) ). If the engine isnt available or not powerful enough I will have to complete Tombstone to get that game to fruition but it will be done. I have the design document for it too from 2000 yes its that old (no its not duke nukem forever this game actually was released on time in 2000 ;) ).

Graveyard Dogs also have loads of other projects on the go as well these are all top secret and when we have something loverly to show you we will splash it here first. One thing I have learned over the years of coding (I have been doing it almost thirty one (31) years since i was eight) is that announcing a project to early will cause the project to nosedive as the inevitable flurry of activity dies down and people lose interest in it. Its always best to splash the project everywhere when you have almost gone gold and its complete apart from one or two small bugs which are being squashed as you announce it.

More soon....

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