Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Almost there....

Well DyEd has taken a little longer than expected by I have finished loads of it today, things in today are:
1) Tile reservoirs - these now load correctly and pack perfectly.

2) Progress indicator for loading - this now works as expected.

3) OpenGL Context sharing fix - this has now been sorted and is working perfectly.

4) Annotations - we can also now place little notes on the levels for us to work with.

5) Prefabs - they are now actually used in the game engine and allow us to place them perfectly in the level.

6) Trap indicator - now there is a small square on areas that have traps in, this will show us where traps will be in the game.

7) Preview window - now I can actually see the tile, this was a simple bug fix but it needed to be done.

Dont get me wrong there is still loads to add and complete but its getting there and its moving forwards now at an alarming pace. I still have to add things like:
1) Scrollable tile reservoirs - so we can move around them and use other tiles.

2) File system - this has to be changed to use the new systems that are implemented into the game

3) Multi selection - this will be used for tile placement and will allow more variety.

4) Area fill - this will be in there to allow filling of an area quickly

5) Cut, Copy and Paste - this will also allow quick adjustment of the level.

6) Snap to grid - this is required for Emm ;)

7) Offsetting of prefabs - this is required for me ;)

8) General bug fixes - this will need to be the last thing and is always the hardest :), I never release anything till I cant break it ;). Mass testing the preview window etc ;)

So as you see its getting there but isnt there yet, the editor itself is taking longer than required but once its complete it will give us a solid platform to work from and create anything we can imagine. Also as time goes by I can add extras to the editor like a 3d module and other modules as our games require it.

More soon...

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