Monday, 28 November 2011

Painting by numbers...

Now I have added selection in so I can select an area by holding down CTRL and then clicking another area to drag out an area, with the area selected I have now added a paint tool so I can paint an area with the selected tile or tiles.

Yes the new system will also cater for multi-selection as well so if we have numerous backing tiles or floor tiles they too can be painted out to the desired location..

On the screenshot front well here ya go

If you dont count selecting the tiles from the reservoirs this room took 13 drawing actions these are:
one for each of the corners
one for each of the walls
one for the background
one for the shadow at the top
and three for the prefabs

So its all quite quick and easy for us to use, as you can see in the tile reservoir the green selected tiles are visible. Also for Emm theres the 'preview window' down the bottom left.

More soon...

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