Sunday, 29 January 2012

Scale is the key...

Well today I have been writing DyEd some more to cater for some of the little sections I missed since starting the project, DyEd as a whole has come a long way since it started and now it will allow us to create anything we want to make with ease.

I still have to do the Cut/Copy and Paste but this is at the top of my todo list for DyEd along with id tags for notes, messages etc that are on the tiles. I have been fixing numerous little niggles too that suspend the fluidity of the editor and make it kludgy one such niggle was the tile selector this now will not scroll off the right of the reservoir but stops nicely now. Also gone is resizing levels whilst they are loaded, before resizing didnt do anything at all so the sizes didnt matter all levels were 256x256 but for some games you will want smaller areas than the maximum size of the editor now you can. DyEd itself will resize and keep the level you have so the new size will still contain the level you was editing this can be handy as its easier to see how the level will look after creation and how big it is then be able to resize. One bug was a killer bug which stopped background images being loaded into the editor itself this also has been fixed and normality restored :).

On the whole the entire editor is looking quite polished and creating levels is quite simple and easy to do, I will be tweaking and adding the last features of the editor over the coming few days and once they are all in there I can move to creating the levels for JJ finally.

EDIT:Well I have completed the New button so now that does something, I have also completed the message system. Our new message system will allow for some rather nifty stuff to be done in game alongside the scripting system that is planned it will make a loverly editor to work in :).

I am also working on GDGUI which basically is our own GUI system, the thing instantly noticeable about Windows, OSX and Linux is all the GUI's are different. What im proposing is quite simply a graphical GUI that will sit in a OpenGL window and allow us to do the same things that the GUI does now BUT without having to redesign everything for each platform this will enable us to concentrate more on getting the games out there and not fighting the GUI's to make things look the way they should do.

More soon...

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