Friday, 13 January 2012

When Apple does a EA...

[RANT] Well in EA's case its game related so you could be forgiven to think that somethings get broken by patches and fixed in others BUT (big but) Apple has done the same thing. Heres how it all goes;

2006 to present after OSX Leopard was broken with a patch from Apple on their own hardware no less people complained (Apple took notes and did nothing).... They then released OSX Snow Leopard which works fine on everything including my Mac Mini until the patches start flowing now im patched upto date I cannot write DVD's as I get an error stating there is a communication issue between the computer (Apples own) and the Superdrive (Apples own not so 'super' drive) so it wont write a single byte to a DVD.

After all this I decide to do a google on the error and it comes up with LOADS of disgruntled people who have many solutions to fix the problem ranging from changing media (I have tried four brands including TDK and Memorex DVD's, DVD-R and DVD-RW's too) down to writing smaller amounts of data which sort of makes the idea of a DVD-R defunct as its for 'writing DVD's'?!?!?!? The problem has been known about since way back when leopard made an appearance and apple shipped patches to sort stuff. With all this in mind I am hell bent on NOT getting OSX Lion or any other Apple product for that matter.

I have spent most of the day transfering 4.47Gb of data between computers to a 'Windows XP' netbook so I can attach a external DVD writer to it so I can write the DVD in one go which it did effortlessly. One attempt works perfect. Now I know Mac Mini's after 2009 dont come with DVD drives but for god sake apple some people dont update with every mac revision.

From now on I will put my data on a USB key if I want to write it to a DVD so I can use a Windows netbook, hell even my Linux netbook writes DVD's and thats a free OS.

Incidentally for all those wondering why I didnt connect my external DVD drive to the Mac Mini well you guessed it, I get a power error stating that some of my USB devices have been disabled due to power usage and yes its the DVD drive which was plugged into the BACK of the mac mini :s

As you can see today hasnt been very productive but tommorow will be hopefully....

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