Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Adjusting the sights...

Emm 'requested' I add a line of sight algorithm to the fog of war system so I have been beavering away at getting this thing done so I can get back to my rather extensive TODO list, I have loads already on there which I have to complete.

Today I hoped to do the following:
1) Finish the Tick - its in there graphically but its not in the game yet
2) Monsters data - load that into the engine so there is no data in the game file its all in the pak
3) Gibs - I still have to add these from yesterday due to other things requiring my attention.
4) New terminal graphics
5) Monsters breaking through the level
6) Re-fogging - so the explored areas get slightly darker :)

Unfortunately these have to be put off till later or at worst tomorrow due to this bloody algorithm, one thing I would recommend anyone working on a game plan do is write EVERYTHING in fine detail down before even writing a single line of code and all parties STICK to it 100% no deviation no adjustments nothing. When version 1.0 is out there among the masses then you can change things after all the game is out and people can see it. With all these 'adjustments' deadlines will be missed and pushed back further and further.

This is the thing us programmers call 'feature creep'

More soon...

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