Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Progress on our latest project, and Pickford Bros latest..

We are making nice progress on the game and its coming along rather nicely, the whole game itself is slowly coming together really well from what it was. Originally it was going to be something akin to a tetris style game but has since 'mutated' into something much more fast paced and fun to play. I have got around to adding in the Super Fruits these will help the player as they appear and are 'used' once they are set off who knows what will happen but you can guarantee that whatever happens it will be fun :)

Its games like this that make programming worthwhile there are loads of times when coding you look at the project and think where is the end, then there is sometimes when your working on the project and its incredibly fun and exciting seeing each step of the game coming together to the final build. Another great aspect of games is getting emails from people who enjoy the games you create.

I have loads of top secret projects on the go at the moment that will be revealed as they bear fruit, these range from simple experiments to much more complex and elaborate ideas. This is one of the great things about being an indie you can experiment your not writing 'Sims 56' or another fifa you can let your imagination run riot and create whatever world you want to play in after all as the saying goes 'the world is your oyster' and if you design every aspect of it, it certainly is :)

One game that I do play in me spare time (yes I do get a few seconds here and there) is Magnetic Billiards:Blueprint ( http://itunes.apple.com/app/magnetic-billiards-blueprint/id432152950 ) this game is a very easy to play but ludicrously hard to put down game, its free to play and I would heartily recommend it to everyone so why not get on over to the App Store and get the game on your iPhone or iPad :) On the whole the game is a perfect example of a game that simple to play but you will always strive to get a better score on it as its very quick and easy to get into, these days thats quite hard to find in any game. Most I have come across these days you need a phd to get through some of the tutorials then theres the other end of the scale this is one such game :)

More soon...

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