Thursday, 21 June 2012

A busy month....

Yeah we havent updated as much as we like to do in the world of Graveyard Dogs but we have loads going on at the moment, these are very thick and fast things that are too numerous to mention but I will try to recap the last month without trying to write a novel :)

Well I have done several prototypes of Chronicles of Arrdokk (CoA) some of these were brilliant others not so great, some worked perfectly on my machine and not on Emm's. To this end we now have a "Emm's PC Seal of Approval" if it works on his machine it should work on anything (no not a zx spectrum so put ya hand down at the back). An upshot of all these prototypes is I learned quite a lot and im still learning loads about the Unity game engine, its getting easier with the help of the Internet and loads of peoples examples and tutorials (yes even I have to trawl the internet :) ). On the CoA front we now have a working build of the base game engine that still needs work but its playable and we can build on it.

We have other things on the go at the moment as well we are looking to all manner of different platforms and what to use to get our apps on there with the greatest of ease, we looked at Blitz Research's monkey programming language but in my opinion its not ready enough for prime time yeah people have written some amazing apps and games in it but there is too much you have to work around the language for to warrant using it for rapid development.

On the whole I am using Unity for the most part for all our projects from now on as quite simply its reasonably straight forward and there is loads of examples available for it and the editor is really nice to use, deployment is a few clicks and its done.

Adora has also gone through some iterations as well we looked at monkey for that as well but decided against it when the builds failed the 'Emm seal of approval' with xna issues, compiling to 'glfw' on windows results in it being terminated by windows as it stops responding that isnt a good result for a 'Hello World' app. Currently the whole Adora game is going through iterations to make it another more appealing game the old graphics were rather bland and lifeless so were injecting more colour and fun into them.

More soon...

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