Monday, 14 December 2009

Its almost there :)

Well after adding the changes that Emm requested to the game I found out that it chucks up all manner of problems (OUCH!!!), I have fixed these now :). I have also implemented my own release function for all the game data, this basically removes it, releases it and sets it to nil so its easier to sort out.

I have also changed the main menus to better fit with the game graphics that Emm sent me so now it looks amazing at all times. Emm just needs to send over the final graphics and after the Snow Leopard situation is resolved and the VRam problems then the first build will be ready to release to the masses :)

On the character front ALL of the characters are in there now and man it looks AMAZING I cant wait for the finished article now and get playing it for all time :). Nothing give a buzz more than seeing a stranger playing your game on the bus or train and knowing that you created that and they are enjoying it :).

I had to change the gameLoop function as the iPhoneSDK has problems with methods that have over a thousands lines it comes up with a weird cryptic error that I had to do a google on to find out that its 'method to large' error when compiling for the iPod touch. I have fixed this by moving all the image loaders to seperate functions this made the method shorter by almost a thousand lines :). This worked so it compiles now, the only major problems I have now is VRam which I will check soon and game slowdown between characters 2 and 3 when the game hits character 4 its fine strangely so I need to locate whats going wrong there.

On the whole the entire game looks amazing and plays brilliantly in the simulator now all I need to do is finalise all the code and sort some small problems out and after Emm finalises the graphics then its sorting out all the loose ends and then it will be ready for release to Apple for testing.

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